God’s Good Work

Philippians 1:6


Paul’s Tone (1:3-11)


             Positive: joy and encouragement.


             Grateful for partnership


             Grateful for God’s work in their hearts


                         Completed when they see Jesus (1:6)

                         A work involving them maturing (1:9-11)


            Affectionate love drives this gratitude (1:7-8)


But what is this work of God? (see 1:9-11 and 4:1-9)


           Its goal is your growth and perfection.

           So we’re both encouraged and challenged.


How does this work look in our lives?


            Trials of all shapes and sizes are God’s tools.


            What trials is God using as tools to grow you?


           We need a different set of glasses.





Spiritual Gifts in Real Life

Ephesians 4:7-16


Our potentials are in our DNA but it takes work and growth to get really good at them.



  1. Gifts are spoils of battles.


Growing and gifting go together.



  1. Growing and gifting are a together  journey.


     Speaking the truth in love

Ephesians 4:15


  1. The gifted you is uniquely you and is just like Christ.




Kingdom Living


Matthew 7:7-11

A.  How to read 7:7-8

  1. We’re not in charge.
  2. God’s kingdom has to be first (see 6:33).
  3. He knows our needs

B.  Contrast: Two kinds of receiving (outcomes)

  1.  Trampled and Torn (7:6)
  2. Receiving Good Gifts (7:11).

C.  Contrast: Two kinds of giving

  1.  Your heavenly Father wants to give to you (7:11)
  2. High-priced offers (7:6)

There’s a price tag on everything the world offers.

Don’t sell your soul (see 16:26).

D.  Fatherly Giving

  1.  Trust your Heavenly Father: ask, seek, knock.
  2. Since earthly fathers are imperfect, you may need to unlearn some things about fatherhood in order to learn the truth about your heavenly Father.

E.  Four Life Lessons

  1.  Believe in your value because God has made you valuable.
  2.  Discern between trustworthy and untrustworthy people.
  3.  Learn to trust  your valuable soul to God’s Great Heart for you.
  4. Cultivate the habit of coming to your heavenly Father again and again.


Wisdom From Jesus For 2020

Wisdom From Jesus for 2020


Jesus’ Wisdom in Your Predicaments

          A.  The Predicament     John 6:1-5


          B.  The Wisdom      John 6:10-15


    1.   In your predicament, be honest yet open.


    1.   Realize your predicament is God’s opportunity.


    1.   Look for the bigger story.


Jesus’ Wisdom about Power

          A.  The Power John 2:1-16


          B. The Wisdom John 2:23-3:4


    1. Power attracts and distracts.


    1. Superficiality is our normal comfort zone.


    1. Only deep, internal change connects me to true power.

                                                                             “put your name into 2:24”


Jesus’ Wisdom in His Welcome

          A.  The Welcome


          B.  The Wisdom


    1. Jesus welcomes me.


    1. Jesus believes in the best of me.


    1. Jesus challenges me to examine my wants 1:38


Big Idea: Gaining wisdom from Jesus requires accepting his deep changes in my heart.