Now What?

His Promise…
  Luke 24:49-53   Matthew 28:16-20

A change in our:

–  Understanding
–  Desires
–  Spiritual power

The Purpose Of The Holy Spirit Acts
1:1-26  John 14:15-26  John 16:7-11

–  You can’t serve God without Him.
–  The Holy Spirit came to change our life, not fix it.
–  A new way of life, not just an experience.
–  To glorify God, not us.

Why the Resurrection Matters Today

1. Jesus’ resurrection means that Our Sins can be Forgiven, we can be Spiritually Healed.

2. Jesus’ resurrection means that Death is Defeated, Diminishing, and soon will be Destroyed, forever.

3. Jesus’ resurrection means that the Material World Matters.

4. Jesus’ resurrection means that the We are A ll going to Get New Bodies.

5. Jesus’ resurrection means that Human Beings are the most Valuable Things in the Entire Universe.

The Forgotten Disciple

The Important Disciple Nobody Remembers
   Luke 23:50-56   Matthew 27:57-61   Mark 15:42-47   John 19:38-42

Life Lessons From A “Secret Disciple”

1. A warning to the strong.
    I Corinthians 10:1-13    Matthew 7:2-5

2. Encouragement for the weak.
    Matthew 12:20   Philippians 1:6

3. Good news for all of us.
     John 6:1-14

–  It’s never too late to step forward.
–  It’s never too little to make a difference.

The Two Sides of The Cross

It’s A Two-Sided Cross
Luke 23:26-49

Why Is The Cross Necessary?
John 3:16-28  Romans 3:25  Leviticus 16:34 Leviticus 17:11  Isaiah 53:5-7

–  Sin separates us from God.
–  All sin must be dealt with.
–  A life must be sacrificed.
–  It is how God rescues and redeems us.
–  It cleared the way for God to work in us.


Two Questions Then And Now:
   Luke 23:26-39

–  Why is this happening?
–  Why isn’t God doing something about it?

Three Common Responses:

–  Confusion and tears.
–  Personal  gain.
–  Mocking.

The Real Question:
   Isaiah 40:12-31 Job 38-42:6

–  How big is your God?

Your Cross

Gladly The Cross I’d Bear?
Luke 23:26  Matthew 27:26-32  Luke 9:22-23  Luke 14:25-27  Colossians 1:24

      – Your cross is something you do to carry out His agenda.

Four Myths

– Myth #1:  We Need To Find A Cross To Bear

The Truth: We accept our cross, we don’t seek a cross.
James 1:17     Ecclesiastes 5:19

– Myth #2:  We Should Embrace Our Cross With Joy

The Truth: We endure, we don’t enjoy our cross.
Hebrews 12:1-3

– Myth #3:  We’re Supposed To Bear Our Cross Alone

The Truth: Some crosses are too heavy to bear alone.
Luke 23:26 Galatians 6:2, 5

– Myth #4:  My Cross Should Be Your Cross

The Truth: We each have our own unique cross to bear.
John 21:18-22

Dealing With Injustice

The Truth About Suffering

1. It’s not unusual – it’s normal.
2. It’s not a sign of God’s disapproval.
3. It’s an opportunity for growth.

The Truth About Faith

1. Faith is trusting God enough to do what He says.
2. Faith doesn’t keep us from suffering.
3. Faith guides us through suffering.

When Injustice Regins…

1. Never repay evil for evil.
     Romans 12:17-21
2. As far as possible, do what is right in the eyes of everybody.
3. Let God even the score in His perfect timing.

Battling Betrayal

Setting The Scene: When Darkness Reigns
Luke 22:47-53

– Judas’ kiss
– Malchus’ ear

The Truth About Betrayal
Genesis 41

How To Battle Betrayal

1. Know who you are and what you’re supposed to do.
2. Pursue obedience and nothing else.
3. Surrender it to God.
4. Let God be the judge and jury.

From Christmas to The Cross

How Did We End Up Here?

Christmas And The Cross:

  • Poverty
  • A Crowded City
  • Unmet Expectations
  • Panicked Authorities
  • The Wrong Crowd
  • Blind Religious Leaders\
  • A Borrowed Place To Lay

One Glaring Difference:

  • Heaven celebrates at the manger, and is silent at the cross.

How To Find Forgiveness And Freedom From Your Failures

Setting The Scene
Luke 22:31-38

Three Keys To Understanding Failure

  • Satan is real.
  • Failure is an event, not a person.
  • Failure can be Satan’s greatest weapon, or God’s powerful tool.

How To Overcome Failure
Luke 22:54-62

  • Call sin, sin… and own up to it!
  • Repent and ask for forgiveness.
  • Listen to what God says, not Satan’s lies.
  • Remember that Jesus won’t fail us, Even when we fail Him.