Dangerous Kings And Substitute Saviors

In The Meantime: The World Of Chaos
Daniel 11:1-35

In the long run, who can you trust?

In The End: The God Who Is In Charge
Daniel 11:36-12:13     2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Antiochus and Antichrist Revisited

Beware of counterfeit miracles, signs, and wonders.

What’s in your temple?

As for you……

Spiritual Warfare

Powerful Prayer
 Daniel 9:1-19

We are totally dependent on Him.

The Plan
 Daniel 9:20-27   Genesis 3:15

Victory is seen at the cross… 483 years before!

Daniel 10:1-21   Matthew 11:28-30    John 15:5    Romans 8:31

Remember that He is for you and with you.


To Be Continued…

Certainty in Uncertain Times

Daniel’s Main Goal:

To show God’s power and protection even in the darkest of times.

Is Biblical Prophecy Important?

4 Beasts, 5 Empires, Antiochus, the Antichrist, and the Ancient of Days
Daniel 7 & 8

Some Things Worth Noting:

1. Daniel didn’t understand the details of his own prophecies!

2. They all predict great trouble followed by God’s deliverance.

3. Prophecy provides hope , confidence, & recognition.

In The Lion’s Den

The Conspiracy
Daniel 6:1-9

Continuing to Stand (and kneel)
Daniel 6:10-17

The Command of the King

Lessons From The Lions

  1. Being a light is not just doing our job, but doing it well.
  2. Past faithfulness is preparation for future faithfulness.
  3. Our greatest challenges to our faithfulness may be our possession or positions.

The Handwriting On The Wall

A Wild Party
 Daniel 5:1-4

An Uninvited Guest
 Daniel 5:5-16

Lights Out!
 Daniel 5:17-30

The Belshazzar In All Of Us

  1. We all live with a danger outside our gates.
  2. What’s written on his wall is also written on ours.
  3. We have a choice to make.

Prayer, Praise, And Prophecy

Royal Problem-Urgent PRAYER
 Daniel 2:1-18

Praise To The God of Heaven
 Daniel 2:19-28

Power And Prophecy
 Daniel 2:29-49

Three Questions To Take Home

1. Where does my confidence come from?

2. Who does my life and gifts promote?

3. Am I building an earthly kingdom or a heavenly kingdom?

Character In The Midst Of Chaos

Tough Times
Daniel 1:1-5

Titles vs Testimonies
Daniel 1:6-15

Blessings After Obedience
Daniel 15:21

How to Thrive In Babylon

  1. Get resolved to obey God.
  2. Allow that commitment to impact every aspect of my life.
  3. Live out obedience regardless of the outcome.

The Fantastic 4

A King-Sized Ego
Daniel 3:1-7

Willing To Stand?
Daniel 3:8-18

Turning Up The Heat
Daniel 3:19-30

Some Lessons For Us

  1.  Christianity is a call to be set apart, not to blend in.
  2. Whose script am I following, _mine or God’s?
  3. What idols are keeping me from the One True God?