It’s A Wonderful Life

How Much More…
Romans 5:6-21 John 10:10

Jesus gave His life for me.

to take My life from me.

   so He could live His life through me.

The Importance of Jesus’ Death and Life:
  Romans 5:8-10 John 14:17 Acts 1:8 Galatians 2:20

His Death: Changes where I’m going.
His Life: Changes who I am.

His Death: Allowed me to become a Christian.
His Life: Allows me to be the Christian I’ve become.

His Death: Made Heaven my home.
His Life: Gives this life meaning.

His Death: Got me out of Hell and into Heaven.
His Life: Gets God out of Heaven and into me.

His Death: Forgave my sin.
His Life: Gives me power over sin.