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Temptation,Trials, Testing, and Trust


Temptation, Trials, Testing, and Trust

Genesis 22

  The Passage              Genesis 22     Tested By God                - Our faith will be tested - count on it.                           1 Peter 1:4-7   - We’ll never be tempted beyond what we can bear. 1 Corinthians 10:13           James 1:2-4     Trust: Some Important Principles
  1. Faith isn’t measured by what we believe, but by      what we do.
James 2:14-16  
  1. We don’t need more faith - we need more obedience
Luke 17:5-6  
  1. Biblical faith is about trusting God enough to do what He says.
Proverbs 19:3           Proverbs 14:12      
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