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Kingdom Living


Matthew 7:7-11

A.  How to read 7:7-8

  1. We’re not in charge.
  2. God’s kingdom has to be first (see 6:33).
  3. He knows our needs

B.  Contrast: Two kinds of receiving (outcomes)

  1.  Trampled and Torn (7:6)
  2. Receiving Good Gifts (7:11).

C.  Contrast: Two kinds of giving

  1.  Your heavenly Father wants to give to you (7:11)
  2. High-priced offers (7:6)

There’s a price tag on everything the world offers.

Don’t sell your soul (see 16:26).

D.  Fatherly Giving

  1.  Trust your Heavenly Father: ask, seek, knock.
  2. Since earthly fathers are imperfect, you may need to unlearn some things about fatherhood in order to learn the truth about your heavenly Father.

E.  Four Life Lessons

  1.  Believe in your value because God has made you valuable.
  2.  Discern between trustworthy and untrustworthy people.
  3.  Learn to trust  your valuable soul to God’s Great Heart for you.
  4. Cultivate the habit of coming to your heavenly Father again and again.


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