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How To Survive A Shipwreck
Acts 27

First of All….
Romans 15:23-29

– Make your plans, but write them in pencil.

Three Ways That Can Lead to a Shipwreck:
Acts 27:1-13 I Corinthians 15:33 Proverbs 3:5-6

– Listening to the wrong experts.

– Deciding to go with the majority.

– Going with what we think is best.

Three Problems Storms Can Create For Us:
Acts 27:14-38 Joshua 1:5-9

– Storms can cause us to drift from our goals and values.

– Storms can cause us to throw out what’s most valuable to us.

– Storms can lead to despair.
Three Anchors That Will Save Our Ship:
Acts 27:21-26

– God’s presence.
– God’s purpose.
– God’s promises.

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